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Why should I purchase from Midland Tops?
We’re a local company and as such, we thrive on recommendations. Therefore we won't be satisfied until you’re 100% happy with your new doors and worktops.
Should any issues arise, our helpful and experienced team are just a phone call away and, as we’re local, we’ll be there straight away to sort everything out for you. 
So if you feel stuck, we’ll help you make sure the kitchen worktops you choose are practical for your home life. Our worktops are not only stylish and luxurious, so you can achieve that high end look, they’re also durable, affordable and easy for you to take care of.

What happens during a design visit
Our professional designer, Steve, who has over 35 years of experience, will come over to take a look at your kitchen, at a time that is most convenient for you. He’ll measure up, taking into account your gas and plumbing to ensure every detail is handled and your fitting will go off without a hitch.

Steve will bring along our portfolio and the latest kitchen door and worktop samples from Formica and granite to quartz and solid wood. He’ll learn about just how you use your kitchen, consider how you want your space to flow and recommend the best worktops to suit your lifestyle. Should you need sinks, taps, splashbacks or appliances, we’ve got you covered here too.
How long does a design visit take
Here's what to expect when we come to you...
The average home visit takes about 45 minutes. We'll take the time to look over your kitchen and conduct an appraisal, assessing the way you use your kitchen, and recommending the best changes to help you make the most of the room you have.
We'll bring samples, brochures and catalogues of worktops to sinks, taps and appliances. We're confident you’ll feel we're the best choice for your kitchen makeover! From there, we'll be able to give you an understanding of the timeframes, costs and installation.
Plus amazing news! Your home consultation is totally FREE! And there’s no obligation (we might ask for a cup of tea and a biscuit though!).
Do you offer a design service?
Absolutely!  We offer a full and complete design service, which enables you to totally remodel the existing parts of your kitchen. You can add additional units, change things around or discover new ways to maximise the space in your existing room.
What areas do you cover?
Typically we cover all of the Midlands area - it’s in our name! Our lovely Steve, travels across the Midlands right to your door. 
To the North, we cover as far as Cannock, Stratford to the South, going East as far as Rugby and West as far as Bridgnorth. 
If you have found us through traditional search means, then it’s highly likely that we cover your area. If you’re unsure give us a quick call on 0121 369 0283.

Design visit


How much do new kitchen worktops actually cost? 

For a small to medium size kitchen the average cost of worktops would start from around £400.

Your final quote will depend on the type of worktop, style selected and size required as well as your choice of installation


What worktop would you recommend if I am on a budget?

We get it… with the rising cost of living, money is tight for us all. Therefore if you are on a budget, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the best. 


If you’re on a budget, generally we recommend our laminate worktops. What’s great about our laminate range is that it’s inexpensive, durable and comes with a 20 year guarantee. So even if you are on a budget you don’t have to compromise on quality. 


My kitchen is quite small, can you help? 

The short answer is YES!  No matter how big or small your job may be, we can help. We’ll come out to your home, take a look at your existing kitchen and give you our best suggestions to help maximise your space. 


Do I need permission to update my kitchen? 

Before undergoing a kitchen makeover or having a new kitchen fitted, you need to make sure that everything you are going to do is legal and within the UK building regulations.


The first thing to do is to assess the extent of your project. Is there any building work that may require planning permission? Or are you simply looking to change your kitchen doors and worktops? The extent of your project could mean you may need professional help or advice. If you’re looking to increase the size of your kitchen by extending your home, you may be better off consulting a surveyor or builder as you may need planning permission. 


If you are looking to do something less major, then by following this advice you may be able to determine if you require any formal permissions.

Private Tenants
If you are a tenant of a property and are looking to do something to update the kitchen, you must first speak to the landlord. In all tenant contracts, you require the permission of the landlord to do anything to your home. To start, you may need to speak to your overseeing estate agent who runs the maintenance of the property, to get in contact with your landlord.

Remember landlords see any update on their property as an investment bonus especially if you are prepared to contribute towards it.

Council homes
The same principles apply to council homes as it does with private tenants. You will need to seek permission from the company that oversees your home. These larger companies are unlikely to give you any financial help, however as the property is still owned by them, you will need to speak to them first before commencing with your project. 

If you are not sure which company oversees your home, you can find information on your annual/monthly rent invoice. Permission from these companies can take some time, even up to 6 weeks. So if you have a timescale on your project, be sure to plan well ahead.
If you own your own home, then things are far more flexible. For a kitchen makeover, where you change your doors and worktops, you won’t require any planning permission. 


However, if you are thinking of extending your kitchen, you may need to seek planning permission and some professional help. You can get help for submitting planning applications from an architect. If you are removing walls in your home you will require a structural survey to see what, if any, further structure is required to brace ceilings etc.

Listed buildings
If you are a homeowner of a listed building, things can be a little bit more difficult. Not to just undergo something as simple as a kitchen makeover, but for any renovation within your residence. 


All listed buildings are regulated by Historic England and are protected by the Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990. Before purchasing your house you will know if the building is listed or not, but if you are unsure, you can always seek further information on the Historic England Website


Before undergoing any work on a listed building big or small, you must discuss it with them. The permission can take anywhere between 6-8 weeks before you will know if it is possible. To acquire the permission you will have to apply along with various other enclosed documents such as plans, surveys and supply a ‘reason for’ document.

Where are your products manufactured?
All our doors and many of our worktops are manufactured here in the UK.  This way, we ensure we have the best control over the quality of the materials you receive. This also means we’re confident the manufacturing of our products meets all national standards.

Working with you
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What does my quoted price include? 

Prices quoted are generally listed and include all items discussed and agreed on for the completion of your project. This will usually include all materials such as the worktops, doors, pelmets, cornices and handles. Where fitting is a part of your order, all fixings will also be included. 


How much is delivery and installation?

If you choose to have your new doors or worktops installed by us, delivery and installation usually start at around £400 although the final price for this will depend on the size of your project. We’ll let you know the exact price for these services when we provide your final quote.

Are your doors made to measure?

Yes, all our doors and drawers are made to measure so there will be no problems fitting them to your existing units. New kitchen doors and draw fronts can transport your kitchen into the present day, with the latest styles and colours available. 


Can I buy just the doors or just the worktops?

Absolutely. You don’t need to replace your whole kitchen at all. If you simply want to refresh just your doors or worktops, we can definitely help with this. 


What do I need to do before my new doors or worktops are installed?
What needs to be done before you have your doors or worktops replaced will depend on the exact work being undertaken. If we’re simply updating your door and drawer fronts, you don’t even need to empty the cupboards! All we need is a clear space to work and to be able to move everything in and out. 


Do you offer an installation service? 

Yes, although you’re not obliged to use our installation service. We can be involved in as much of your project as you’d like.


If you do need our help we have a number of excellent, vetted and recommended installers who are experienced in working with our products which means that you get a perfect installation every time.

How long does installation take?

Installation can depend on precisely what you’re having done. For example worktops alone, including the removal and reinstallation of your sink, would typically take about 1 day. If you’re changing the doors, basic panels and plinths included, that too would take around 1 day. Updating your worktops and doors would typically take one to two days.


How quickly are you able to deliver my new doors and worktops?

If you were to purchase a new set of laminate worktops, you could receive delivery of the materials within 7-10 days. Quartz and Granite worktops often require advanced templating and therefore take approximately 2-4 weeks to be delivered. Solid wood surfaces require highly skilled installation and this can take 2-3 weeks. 


Can I install my new doors and worktops myself? 

Yes, installing new worktops is pretty straight forward if you have the correct tools and a basic understanding of carpentry and plumbing. We can provide a guide to assist you but would recommend a professional installer undertake the work in order to ensure your guarantees aren’t affected.


Can I source my own fitter?

Absolutely. Some customers are avid DIYers or have friends or family who can assist with installation, in those situations we would highly support your installer, however your installation does require a professional approach. 


Your own installer must be aware of the fixings that will be required to undertake your project, as these are not supplied as standard and are generally supplied by our installers on site. 


Can you take the old doors and worktops away? 

The easiest and most cost-effective way to dispose of your old doors and worktops, is to take them yourself to your local recycling/refuse centre or civic amenity site etc. This avoids any disposal costs as it’s treated as domestic waste.


If you’re unable to do this yourself, we can dispose of your waste but there is a cost involved, as it is considered by the council to be commercial waste in this instance and only licensed operators can dispose of your waste on your behalf. 


Costs start from as little as £75 but it does depend on how much waste there is.


Do you offer a guarantee?
All products we supply are fully backed by either a manufacturer's guarantee or statutory cover. The precise length of the guarantee depends on the product(s) chosen and any accompanying cover offered. Most of our worktops come with a 20 year manufacturers’ warranty, whilst some of our doors have an 8 year guarantee as standard. Guarantees on other products vary between one year and 12 years but our advisors can give you exact details relating directly to the products you require.


Of course manufacturer’s guarantees aren’t necessarily the end of the story. We always suggest you let us know if ever you have a problem with a product and we’ll do our level best to help you solve the issue.

Delivery & installation


Do you have a showroom I can visit or is it just online? 

At the moment our service is online only, with our surveyor Steve coming out to you. We are planning to open a viewing centre in the very near future.


Do I need a design plan?

Whether you need a plan or not will depend on the level of the work required in your kitchen. If the layout is remaining the same and only your door and drawer fronts and/or worktops are being replaced, no plan is needed, although Steve will create a sketch of your current kitchen, along with the measurements so that we know exactly what needs to be fitted and where. 


However, if you are adding additional units and changing things around to maximise the space in your existing room, we can help you create a plan of the new layout.


Do I need my kitchen measurements?
You can supply us with the measurements of your kitchen at the first stage of contact with us. These don’t have to be 100% perfect but will give Steve a good indication of the materials and fitting needed to complete your job before he comes out to see you. 


However, when Steve comes out to your home to complete your design consultation and survey, he will measure up himself, take a look at your space to access your cabinets and the material of your current worktops. He’ll then be able to give you a final quote.

Your design
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What should I do if there is a problem with my kitchen?

It is rare that you should encounter a problem with your new doors or worktops. However if you are unhappy with the products or services, or any issues arise, please contact us via phone or email on 0121 369 0283 or email

Kitchen with Spectra SE Grey Peppered Spark Quartz Worktops

Quartz is one of the fastest growing categories of kitchen worktop, it is scratch resistant and virtually non-porous, meaning there are no issues with staining.

Kitchen with wood style worktops and plain white cupboards

These worktops come in various sizes, colours and designs. There are so many options available from standard, matt and high gloss to honed, riven and riverwash

Granite kitchen worktop

Stylish and luxurious, granite is a very popular stone choice for your kitchen worktops. Not only does it look great, it’s also durable and functional.


Unsure of the type of new kitchen design you would like? Be inspired by examples of our previous work.

Here to help
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