Are granite worktops hardwearing?

Granite worktops wear extremely well in terms of durability. It is a very popular choice because essentially it is a timeless material that has been on planet earth for millions of years!

When used in normal everyday practice, granite will rarely scratch, it takes very little maintenance to keep it looking good and often a cloth and warm water are enough to get them sparkling like ‘new’.

Granite is perfect for the kitchen although it can be successfully used in the bathroom too. If you really wanted to indulge yourself the flexibility and it applications are endless and you could even have it to line your stairs.

Some of the big advantages lie in the fact that this age-old stone that was formed millions of years ago beneath the earth's crust, is an incredibly tough material that can cope with almost all you can throw at it. Just don’t throw red wine, as if left for a while it can leave trace.

There are many colours and vein variations available and within reason, the shapes, cut-outs and profiles are pretty endless.

Speak to any expert for specific needs or you can always talk to us for all the facts without the caffufle!

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