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Are granite worktops hardwearing?

If you long for cool granite worktops, you want to know all about their quality and whether they’re hard wearing enough for your needs, then keep reading!

Your application possibilities with granite are endless. This natural material is perfect for your kitchen and can be successfully used in the bathroom too.

When used in normal everyday practice, granite will rarely scratch. It takes very little maintenance to keep it looking good and often a cloth and warm water are enough to get them sparkling like ‘new’.

This age-old stone was formed millions of years ago beneath the earth's crust, making this an incredibly tough material that can cope with almost anything you throw at it (still be careful with the red wine though!)

There are so many advantages when using granite in your kitchen.

  • Long Lasting As granite is a natural product, therefore your worktops will never depreciate in value.

  • Super Strong Granite can tolerate a lot of heat and would be extremely hard for you to chip or scratch.

  • Highly Hygienic Once sealed, granite worktops are non porous which makes them extremely hygienic.

  • Cool to Clean

These worktops require very little maintenance, you’ll only need a cloth and soapy water.

With so many colours and vein variations available - within reason, the shapes, cut-outs and profiles are pretty endless.

Got questions?

Give our helpful team a call or book your free design appointment.

Our professional surveyor, Steve, who has over 35 years of experience and a plethora of granite knowledge, will come over to take a look at your kitchen, at a time that is most convenient for you.


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