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A collection of modern and varied worktops perfect for any contemporary kitchen.

Few design tools are as powerful as colour. It can instantly make a room feel warm or cool. But used without care, it can quickly result in a disjointed and unsettling interior space.

That’s why most modern kitchen designers use colour coordinated décors, to create a balanced visual design that feels instantly timeless.

With this in mind, Spectra™ Square-Edge was developed to be used in several different colour coordinated areas in the kitchen.




Spectra Square Edge Header
Green Midland Tops Crown Background


Swatches are a representation and may vary in colour from the final product. Please obtain a sample of the product before making a final selection.


It’s one thing to look the part, quite another to feel the part too. The Spectra Square-Edge™ range achieves the feat in remarkable style. From the cold touch of granite and marble to the subtle sensation of wood grain, each of the five carefully selected textures brings more than just a sense of occasion to your kitchen.


This texture subtly and ingeniously replicates the natural grain of real wood.


A gloss surface with multicoloured metallic elements freely distributed within the décor to give a dazzling visual effect.


Used with some of our marble and stone décors, this delicate texture provides a natural look and feel.


Easy to clean and maintain, the non-reflective and subtle unevenness of this texture echoes freshly quarried natural stone.


Sync perfectly synchronises with the shapes and colours of the slate and wood décors on which it’s applied. It creates an amazingly realistic 3D effect that still offers all the durability, cleanliness and low-cost benefits of laminate.

Green Midland Tops Crown Background


Naturally, all the timber used in the production of Spectra™ Square-Edge worktops, breakfast bars, island units, upstands and splashbacks comes from well-managed and sustainable forests.

These are certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. What’s more, thanks to the impressively realistic wood grain, stone effects and textures, it’s unnecessary to cut down exotic species of timber within precious forests, or disrupt the earth by mining for granite and marble.

Integrated dishwasher with Spectra Square Edge New Blocked Walnut worktops
Green Midland Tops Crown Background


All Spectra Square-Edge™ surfaces are made in Britain.

Spectra Square-Edge™ is manufactured using the BS/EN 4965 standard. This gives you the best heat, water, abrasion and impact resistance. The BS/EN438 laminate surface is bonded to EN312/2003 E1 high density particle board.

NFS & FIRA Certification Stamps.png
Custom made curved work surface with internal and external rail.jpg
Young boy using a chopping board on a Spectra SE New Blocked Walnut worktop


All Spectra™ Square-Edge products undergo a number of rigorous tests to ensure each worktop, breakfast bar, island unit, upstand and splashback not only provides great decorative style, but also delivers superior performance against heat, water, abrasion and impact resistance*.

When it comes to checking quality, they're unapologetically exacting. It’s why you’ll never see Spectra™ cutting corners or taking the easy option. Instead you’ll find them carrying out test after test to ensure all surfaces are of the highest standard.

*Whilst Spectra™ Square-Edge offers additional performance over other work surfaces, standard work surface precautions such as heat protectors and chopping boards should still be used.

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