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Are granite worktops hard wearing?

Learn about the durability of granite worktops.

Which Kitchen Sink Is Best For Me?

Find out which kitchen sink is most suitable for your kitchen.


The best type of hob for your needs

Learn more about the different types of hobs available on the market and find out which one suits you.


An in depth guide to quartz or quartzstone

Learn where quartzstone comes from, how it is manufactured into quartz slabs and other fascinating facts about this stunning material.


The different types of splashback

You may have heard people talking about them as they have become very popular in recent years. Splashbacks! Learn all things to do about this kitchen must have.


How to change your kitchen worktops

Find out all the necessary steps taken when changing your kitchen worktop, from start to finish.


Advanced Installation

Changing your kitchen worktop isn't the arduous task it first seems. With our step by step guide this process can be made simple and professional.


Advanced Manufacturing


We have spent much time sourcing the finest materials from the top worktop manufacturers. This allows us to provide you, the customer, with only the highest quality worktops.